Mr & Mrs Wolfe, Maidenhead, Berkshire. 3 & 2 Seat Leather Recliners Repairing Mouse Damage

Following the bargain purchase of this suite from a well known auction site, my client was in between house moves and the items went into an attached garage for storage.  To their horror, the client noticed foam on the floor in the vacinity of the sofas and upon inspection, found a mouse had chewed the leather at various points all along the front bottom edge of both items.


As the sofas are recliners, i was able to remove 4 of the 5 affected panels and return to the workshop to carry out repairs.  The sofas were wrapped to avoid any further damage.  I returned and fitted the panels, repaired the non-reclining section in situ and in view of the low cost, the client requested i clean and condition the suite for good measure.


There is absolutely no trace of the damage ever having been present.


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