Leather Suite Colour Restoration Hampshire

Paul contacted me from Portsmouth, Hampshire for advice after he had scoured the internet trying to find a specialist in leather. He did not want someone who offers to repair a whole range of things like wheels, interior trims etc, he wanted a specialist in the field.


His suite consists of a 4 seater sofa and 3 seater sofa, original purchase price £5000 many years ago.  Ideally several seat panels should have been replaced but restoration was decided upon with replacement an option at a later date.


All of the 4 seater facing were restored and re-coloured, the 4 seat panels, 4 back panels and 2 arms.  The 3 seater seat panels were restored and re-coloured. All done in situ, only out of action for 1 night.


The total cost was around 5% of the original purchase price. A lot of money saved.




Telephone 01189701453 or 07884320010


Email  enquiries@leather-repair-master.co.uk