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A New Purchase?

Have you recently purchased a new leather item? A Leather Suite? Sofa? Couch? A Leather Jacket? A Leather Hand Bag or a car with a Leather Interior?  If so, read on.....


...a good piece of advice for your leather is....clean it and protect it. Yes, we know it sounds odd, you would assume it is clean. Well, it is not as clean as you think. The above picture is an example of this. I thought i would show how dirty new goods are. The shoes above are new, see the dirt coming off onto the rag?


The conditions in which leather is kept has a big effect - leather being wrapped up in various packages of plastic/card/paper/tissue can cause sweating, enduring transit conditions of extreme temperature changes can cause leather spew - even being handled by many people before it gets to you i.e. the leatehr furniture manufacturer, wholesaler, distributer, packing etc has a debilitating effect.


Your leather doesnt have to wear out prematurely and with the right care, it won't.  There are examples of leather around today that have been preserved for thousands of years.


The key is to clean your leather and protect your leather from day 1. Manufacturers finish leather, they very rarely protect this finish against future use. Applying leather protector several times a year and cleaning your leather followed by protection twice a year will help guard against ageing and wear. Leather will age prematurely if it is not cared for - even if it is kept stored in the most perfect conditions and not used it will still dry out, and basically, rot.


Just handling your leather has an adverse effect, body oils and perspiration rot leather so it is no wonder head and arm areas on leather furniture wear out so quickly without the correct attention.



To protect your leather purchase against the use ahead -

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