Ekornes Stressless Replacement Foam & Free Fitting Service - Collapsed Seat Fix


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A popular request is replacement foam for Ekornes Stressless chairs and sofas when the seat bases collapse. This page is dedicated to replacement Ekornes Stressless seat base replacement. These take months to arrive new, cost hundreds each and then you have to find someone who can fit them on top of this.


We also offer a full leather repair and restoration service for Ekornes stressless furniture, from cleaning to colour wear, panel replacement to complete recovering -


click here for ekornes stressless leather repair and restoration examples


Collapsed Ekornes Seat Bases Replaced In Your Home


We are now able to offer replacement seat bases for Ekornes Stressless Sofas and Chairs on a mobile basis.  Replacement exchange complete seat foam bases will range from £200 to £400 depending on your location, big discounts for multiple bases at the same time.


Please email us and include your location for a costing specific to your requirements. Sending a picture of the whole item from the front is very helpful and there is a sticker underneath one arm - usually the right hand facing arm - with numbers on. A picture of this is also helpful.


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Having worked on this furniture for over 15 years, we know it inside out. We always have at least one piece of this furniture in our workshop at any given time being restored or reupholstered. Ekornes Stressless furniture is high quality and deserves to be kept in service.


This is a mobile service. We rebuild the base internals in the workshop replacing all springs and upgrading the spring arrangement by applying a traditional method to make the springing more effective and reliable. We also repair the foam molding, line it and replace the foam topper with new foam.


How it works.

Within the determined cost, we hand deliver the rebuilt bases and fit them for you free of charge, taking away your old base to be rebuilt and used for other customers on the same exchange basis. And so the cycle continues - reduce, re-use, recycle. Fitting generally takes about an hour. We offer a date and once agreed, the booking is confirmed by us. Once the day is full in the diary, we provide a 3 hour arrival window.


What we need.

All we need is a picture of the item from the front, the measurement between the inner edges of the slider fittings and your location.


Where we do it.

We can attend anywhere within a 2.5 hour radius of Mortimer Common, Reading, RG7.


A rough guide area is provided in the photographs below along with the measurement example, location of the sticker and photograph from the front -



Ekornes Stressless

Replacement Foam

Fitting Area Guide


Please see the area guide where we are able to offer mobile replacement Ekornes Stressless seat bases

Ekornes Stressless Replacement Seat Base Measurement Requirement Overall


The measurement required to supply and fit a replacement Ekornes Stressless seat base is show opposite.  It is between the two runner guide inner edges.




Ekornes Stressless Replacement Seat Base Measurement Close-Up


Close-up of where the measurement is taken from



Ekornes Stressless Replacement Seat Base Measurement Close-Up


Another close-up of the other side where the measurement is taken from


Ekornes Stressless Overall Shot From The Front Example


Example of the overall shot of the item from the front