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Terms Of Business


Mobile Work - Payment is upon completion prior to leaving site.  Accepted methods are cash, cheque and bank transfer. If the payee is not present, payment is required in full prior to attending unless another party has the funds to settle the account at the point aforementioned.


Workshop - Payment is upon delivery before leaving site unless job specific materials are required.  In this case a deposit will be taken to cover said materials and the balance is payable upon delivery before leaving site.


On occasion we are requested to work with nobody present i.e. collect keys, work and then post the keys through the letter box or situations similar.  In these types of cases, payment is required in full prior to attending site.


On Site Repairs & Restoration

There is only so much that can be achieved on site.  The only way to guarantee work is if it is carried out under workshop conditions.  All mobile/site undertakings do not carry a guarantee.



Telephone 01189701453 or 07884320010


Email  enquiries@leather-repair-master.co.uk