Mr H In Earley, Reading, Berkshire. Ekorness Stressless Leather Chair Deep Cleaning, Repair, Re-Colour & Seal By Leather Repair Master Serving Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey & Beyond


My clients self described "Old mans chair".  Ekornes Stressless chairs are superb.  This on being used for relaxing and the odd snooze, this Stressless chair had a head mark and some slight wear to the arms. So time for a deep clean, condition, repair, re-colour and re-seal. A pretty standard Ekornes Leather Restoration job for us here at Leather Repair Master, Reading.


Please excuse the colour variations, we repaired and colour restored only the effected leather areas and didnt alter the colour at all.  The before pictures were taken in the house during the day time and the afters, at night under false lighting. I delivered this repaired Ekornes Stressless chair to Earley In Reading at 2030 in the evening for the clients convenience and my client specifically stated that i must write on here that he is a very happy customer.



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