Mr C, Woodley, Reading, Berkshire. Mazda MX5 Gleneagles Special Edition of 400, Leather Seats And Steeering Wheel 

A rare car indeed, such limited production means these vehicle are few and far between.  After 15 years of use with little useful care, my client contacted me with digital images to see if i could help.  I anticipated the requirements from the pictures supplied, gave a cost to achieve the work and we agreed a date.


Upon arrival, the requirements were above those i had anticipated and the seats could not look like new leather, but the cost remained the same.  I do not give the lowest price possible to get my foot in the door (pardon the pun) to then increase it once i am on site.  The client informed me that he realised returning the seats to new was not possible and didnt want the seats heavily filled and smooth because he knew this would not look natural in view of the ruffled centre seactions.


My client asked about the steering wheel wear and if anything could be done, i said that it could and he requested i restore the wheel as well.  His preference was matt black as opposed to the glossy hue now apparent from the years of wear and the new finish really looks natural.


Telephone 01189701453 or 07884320010