Mr Kilmartin, Warfield, Bracknell. Honda FRV Leather Seat Scratch Repair

This was another undertaking estimated by photographs.  My clients dog managed to scratch the front edge of the centre front seat with its claws trying to scramble around.  It wasn't possible to determine how well the repair responded from the pictures, but with my experience of pet damage i was confident an almost invisible result was achievable.


I advised the client that there may be a witness mark following repair and this was queried, wanting an example explaining what i meant.  I duly emailed an after picture from a different but similar repair, showing the witness mark that could occur and the client was happy commenting that it wasn't as bad as he imagined.


When i achieved my repair, he was amazed.  The work is barely detectable, even by the client who knew exactly the location.  Another very happy customer.


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