COVID-19 Coronavirus

We Are Experiencing Ongoing Difficult Times, Not Just Due To COVID-19.

Your Patience Is Essential In Working With Us.




August 1st 2021 Update


We hope everyone is safe and well.  The fall-out of covid-19 is such that we are finding it difficult to catch up and keep up with demand.  If we answered the phone every time it rang we would hardly get any work done - not a complaint, just being honest - so we have taken the decision to point all contact to email.  We are booked up for roughly 2 to 3 months rolling (depending on the project) and emails are being returned in order of date received.


Sorry for any inconvenience and as always, we very much appreciate your ongoing support - both that of existing and new clients.




March 8th 2021 Update


Now that the kids are back at school, we can work towards normality.  We are hopeful of being back to full capacity in April provided the country keeps moving in the right direction. Thank you to all our clients who have been very patient. We are up to a month behind on emails, some will have inevitably fallen through the gaps during our efforts in the last year to stay afloat at 50% staffing.


Continue to stay safe everyone.




2021 Update


Following the government lockdown restrictions put in place on Boxing Day 2020, site work will cease until the next government announcement, currently planned for February. Collections and deliveries wearing PPE is still possible.


Thank you for your continued patience. Stay safe everyone in the face of this new variant.




INTERIM UPDATE November 24th 2020


A brief update as to where we are and the immediate future plan going forward.


The answerphone facility has been turned off, we cannot keep up. Our day structure is such that we are starting very early and finishing late. This coupled with an unreliable supply chain means we are doing more overall hours with less work going through the business.


Email is the best method of contact, see here for an ideal enquiry submission -


With the government enforced lockdown coming towards the end, provided restrictions are lifted on the 2nd December, site work will commence the following week. The workshop will be slowed down at this point and up to Xmas, when we will close for the festive period.  


Foam supply is massively restricted and costs have increased. It is very difficult to obtain quality foam at the moment and waiting lists have been created by suppliers.


Thank you for your patience. Stay safe everyone. 




UPDATE: November 2020


In light of the government announcement placing the UK into a 4 week lockdown as of Thursday 5th November 2020, all mobile/site work is on hold. This will be reviewed when the government makes its next announcement. 


With this restriction in place, it is unilikely all current mobile/site work in the pipeline will be complete before Christmas.  No new enquiries for mobile/site work or larger upholstery projects will be complete before Christmas.


Collections and deliveries will continue as normal with social distancing measures being observed, plus face visors/masks/gloves being worn.  We work with isopropyl alcohol 99.9% and everything gets sanitised/disposed of as appropriate.


We apologise for being unable to contact everyone individually with this announcement and sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Please stay safe everyone.



UPDATE: October 2020


Workshop capacity is back to near normal capacity, processes are still fragmented with irregular collections and deliveries and an unreliable supply chain.  Threre is a big backlog, i've missed many calls, emails and answerphone messages.  Answering the phone is difficult at the moment, email is the most likely way to get a timely response - i can email at any time, 5/6/7am, 8/9/10 at night.  Time for mobile/site work is occasional and the wait is likely to be months.


If you have contacted me but not received a response in the last 30 days, please email me on


Please see the Contact Leather Repair Master for guidance on sending an enquiry.


Thank you for your patience.




UPDATE: 4th September 2020


We hope everyones world is getting back to a new normal.


With the workshop on its way to usual capacity and school starting next week, we will now be commencing site visits and moving towards business as usual. We have over 40 appointments to book and many emails / telephone calls / WhatsApp / Texts to return - please bear with us.


Your continued patience and support is really appreciated.




**28th August**


Torrential rain caused multiple units on the workshop site to flood - all goods are safe and undamaged, all are stored on benches and racking - so this has set us back slightly.




UPDATE: 9th August 2020


As the country continues to move toward normality, we will be building the workshop projects back up, carrying out site visits to collect and deliver only, observing social distancing and wearing PPE. Workshop projects are the backbone of the business and if this isn't back to near capacity and ticking along within a couple of months the immediate future of the business is at risk. It is our aim to move towards site restoration work and completion of outstanding site projects starting September.


We are weeks behind with telephone calls and emails, we hope everyone can bear with us and thank you for the ongoing support of our small independent business.





We at Leather Repair Master are taking a tough stance against Covid-19 Coronavirus. We hope you and your loved ones have remained and continue to be, safe and well - it is our priority to achieve the same with us and ours. We have immediate family with serious health issues making them particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 Coronavirus. we are so torn as to what to do for the best, not for us on a health or financial basis, but for our parents and their grandchildren.


On this basis we have taken the decision to minimise, if not stop, home visits and this will be reviewed at the end of July 2020. Visits to us are welcomed, only when pre-arranged, where social distancing at 2 metres and the wearing of PPE can easily be adhered to. We work with isopropyl alcohol so we are fortunate to be able to sanitise everything (and anyone!) that enters and leaves the workshop (and home) as necessary. Our working and availability on email and telephone will be sporadic and minimal. Not knowing what the future holds with COVID-19 Coronavirus, easing of lockdown and the impact this easing will have, we have a rough outline plan to work a month behind government guidelines. 


We thank you for your understanding and ongoing support. The physical and mental well-being of our loved ones will always be our priority, everything else follows. Please stay safe and well. We will update end of July/beginning of August.