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Leather Repairs For Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire & beyond

The vast majority of our leather repairs can be achieved on site and in-situ using the most up to date processes. Stringent tests are continually carried out by our suppliers to ensure the durability of their leather restoration and repair materials - one of which replicates the effect of a 300lb person getting in and out of a seated area some 60,000 times over a 4 day period - with no compromise of the repair strength or quality - not even the finish.


Each Of The Following Repairs Incur A Typical Cost Of £30 - £90

99.9% of cuts can be repaired in-situ with little or no trace of the damage ever being present. Costs vary depending on the type of leather and severity. Repair durations vary from around an hour to several hours, again, severity dependent. Whether it is a leather footstool in your lounge, leather seating in your aircraft, your favourite leather handbag, leather car interior - we can help.


Burns, Cuts, Tears, Grazes, Splits, Scratches, Scuffs, Rips, Stains, Spillages, Ink Marks, Dye Transfer, Pet Damage, Wear & Tear, Colour Loss, Peeling, Flaking, Cracking, Fading, Delivery Damage, Removal Damage


If you think you have a repair situation not listed above, give me us call. If there is a solution, we are sure to have it.

T:  0118 970 1453   T:  07884 320 010


Email:  enquiries@leather-repair-master.co.uk


T:  0118 970 1453   T:  07884 320 010


Email:  enquiries@leather-repair-master.co.uk



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