COVID-19 Coronavirus

We at Leather Repair Master are taking a tough stance against Covid-19 Coronavirus. We hope you and your loved ones have remained and continue to be, safe and well - it is our priority to achieve the same with us and ours. We have immediate family with serious health issues making them particularly vulnerable to Covid-19 Coronavirus. we are so torn as to what to do for the best, not for us on a health or financial basis, but for our parents and their grandchildren.


On this basis we have taken the decision to minimise, if not stop, home visits and this will be reviewed at the end of July 2020. Visits to us are welcomed, only when pre-arranged, where social distancing at 2 metres and the wearing of PPE can easily be adhered to. We work with isopropyl alcohol so we are fortunate to be able to sanitise everything (and anyone!) that enters and leaves the workshop (and home) as necessary. Our working and availability on email and telephone will be sporadic and minimal. Not knowing what the future holds with COVID-19 Coronavirus, easing of lockdown and the impact this easing will have, we have a rough outline plan to work a month behind government guidelines. 


We thank you for your understanding and ongoing support. The physical and mental well-being of our loved ones will always be our priority, everything else follows after. Please stay safe and well. We will update end of July/beginning of August.